Loyalty Rewards Program

No Card or Key Tag Required!

Simply put: Purchases = Power Points => Power Bucks = CASH in-store!



How do I Join?

Simply provide us your email, make a purchase and YOU'RE ENROLLED! We must have your email on file in order for you to partake in the Power Play program and reap all the benefits.

How do I Earn?

You earn 10 Power Points for every dollar spent on applicable purchases. PLUS, you can earn DOUBLE Power Points on some purchases as well as BONUS Points on Special Items. Combining all of the above, SAVES you up to 12%!

What purchases earn Power Points?

You will earn Power Points when you purchase ANY parts, garments or accessories AND on all Service repairs and maintenance! You will earn DOUBLE REWARDS on ALL parts, garments and accessories sold at the time of a Major Unit purchase and included in the deal. Exceptions include insurance claims, warranty work, health checks, gift cards and heavily discounted items. All Power Points are earned based on pre-tax amounts, levies not included.

What is the difference between Power Points and Power Bucks?

Points will be earned as mentioned above. Once you have enough points stocked up, you will use them to purchase a Power Bucks certificate. These Power Bucks will be treated like cash towards purchases in store. Please present the Power Bucks certificate to your cashier or salesperson.

What can my Power Bucks buy?

Power Bucks spend like CASH on Parts, Riding Gear & Apparel, Accessories and even Service!

Do my Power Points and Power Bucks Expire?

Yes. Points will expire 24 months after you have earned them. Power Bucks will expire after 30 days. However, you decide when you want to convert your points to a Power Bucks certificate. In addition, you will receive e-mail reminders to ensure you use it before it expires.

How do I redeem my Power Points?

Login to your account then simply choose the desired Power Bucks Certificate amount you would like to purchase in exchange for your Power Points. *Hint* You will notice that if you choose to save up your Power Points to buy a larger value Power Bucks certificate, you will get more for your Points.

How is my Personal Information used?

Your personal Information is protected. It is never shared or sold and is for VI Honda's exclusive use except where required by law, we supply information to Honda Canada when purchasing a NEW unit and to Lenders when financing.

Account Information

How do I access my account?

Click the Power Play Loyalty Rewards Login link and you will be directed to our VI Honda Customer Rewards dashboard. Simply login with the username (email address) and password provided in the Welcome Email you received upon enrollment after your first purchase in 2017.

Where can I find my Power Points balance?

Once you login to your account you can view your Power Points Balance.

How do I update my Address?

Simply update your address with us in-store and your Rewards account will automatically be updated.

How do I change my Password?

Once you login to your Power Play Rewards account, you will be able to update your password.

Can two people in our household share one account?

Yes, however only one email and password can be used so you will have one combined account. The Power Points earned will be a combined total so you will have to decide how to share them.
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