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Fuel Level Monitoring System

Many Honda powersports products are equipped with some form of fuel level monitoring system. Depending upon the application, some systems are more sophisticated than others, with some of the more advanced systems able to calculate and display the estimated mileage until empty. Due to many design factors, some fuel gauges will appear to move slowly from “full” to “half-full” and then will move from “half-full” to “empty” a little more quickly. This is generally accepted as normal operation for a fuel level gauge.

As with any motor vehicle, your experiences with fuel tank range will vary depending upon many factors, including altitude, temperature, driving style, and engine maintenance/condition among others. As a result some customers may get more mileage from a tank of fuel than others.

As with all Honda products, the Owner’s Manual is the best place to start when learning the capabilities of any vehicle’s fuel  level monitoring system. You will need to cycle through a few tanks of fuel to get a proper feel for actual fuel range that you can expect from your vehicle and driving style.

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    • In 7 million miles of truck tire testing, nitrogen inflated tires lasted longer
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    • steering
    • handling
    • braking
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    • Dramatically slows pressure loss from permeation
    • Improves fuel economy
    • Reduces tire oxidation
    • Eliminates interior wheel corrosion
    • Reduces running temperatures
    • Decreases false alarms and activation of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems



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