Prepare Your Bike for Winter

With fall upon us many of you are likely getting in those last few rides of the season. Before putting your bike away for the winter here are a few helpful tips to make sure your bike is safely put to bed.

Before winter storage it is always a good idea to change your engine oil and filter. The byproducts of combustion and heat cycling of the engine will over time leave corrosive deposits in your oil that, left over the winter, could cause damage to sensitive internal engine parts. We always have specials on oil changes . Please call us to arrange an appointment before your riding season is done.

On your last ride of the year on your way home stop at the gas station and fill your fuel tank completely. Filling the fuel tank insures that a minimal amount of air is left in the tank above the fuel. The moisture in the air can often allow the tank to rust. Also it is good practice to add fuel stabilizer to your fuel. If your bike is carbureted we also recommend draining the carburetor of fuel. This helps to prevent fuel deposits from forming in the carb and causing poor starting and runability in the spring time.

Make sure that your tires are inflated to the proper pressures. This helps to prevent the tires from developing flat spots and cracking.

Lastly but most importantly use a battery tender (charger) on your battery. Plug it in and forget it! Battery tenders are the best money spent to help insure your bike starts and runs as it should in the spring. Be sure to store your bike in a dry environment away from moisture. You can use a cover but be sure it is made of a breathable fabric and won’t scratch any paint work.

Read Honda's Winter Storage Guide

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    • handling
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