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July Tech Talk

If you own a late model from Honda it is likely that it uses a “wave type” ignition key. If the key becomes difficult to operate or sometimes gets stuck, the cause is most likely dirt contamination on the key and lock tumblers. 

Step 1 is to remove all the dirt and contaminants from the wave key using a soft cloth and a cleaner like rubbing alcohol or contact cleaner that will not leave a residue on the key. Once the key is cleaned, insert and remove it from the lock several times to remove the dust and debris from the face of the tumblers, and clean the key again. Lastly, turn the key between “Lock” and “Off” several times to remove the dust and debris between the key cylinder and the key inner cylinder. Clean the key after this step as well. 

NOTE: Do not use any chemicals (e.g.: oil, grease, parts cleaner, rust-proof lubricant, etc.) to clean and/or lubricate the lock mechanism. These products can cause build-up of contaminants in the lock mechanism.


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